Dread Scott Burned Money in Front of the NY Stock Exchange

Artist Dread Scott burns money in front of the New York Stock Exchange (photo via Heart as Arena)

Brent Burket (aka Heart as Arena) has a report on artist Dread Scott’s “Money to Burn” performance in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday:

He repeatedly sang, “Money to bur-rn. Money to burn.” while burning the money he had attached to his clothes and also that of any passersby who had their own money to burn. The crowd was a mix of lunching Financial District workers, deliciously confused tourists, and a smattering of people like me who had heard about the action on the internet.

While the whole post is a great read, I do love the ending the most:

During the performance, a couple curious traders had come over to see the action. They seemed mildly amused. This was a joke, really. They obviously felt at home. After it was all over they went back inside for the afternoon and ushered the Dow down 148.89 points. Burn.

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