It’s the dog days of summer in New York, and while people might be queueing for hours to feel artificial rain on their skin at Museum of Modern Art’s Rain Room or waiting in line for cronuts, may we suggest some respite from the sizzling heat with an exhibition of two abstract painters, Ying Li and Eve Aschheim, at the New York Studio School.


A view of Ying Li’s paintings at the NYSS. (all images by the author for Hyperallergic)

The exhibition will be closing tomorrow, Saturday, July 20, but there’s still time for you to behold how these two painters, who grapple with abstraction, offer up a visual oasis in the middle of a sweltering city.

The works by Li are incredibly gestural, energetic, and border on the three dimensional. An aspect of Li’s process is that she paints outside, therefore she depicts her own perspective relative to the motion surrounding her, which she translates into abstract brushstrokes and her bolting use of color. Rather than an instant, Li captures her live experience within the space.

Aschheim approaches abstraction from another perspective, and it wavers between abstraction and representation, between all options and possibilities, all with a cool reductionist eye. Layers of her process are visible, as pencil marks, taped edges, and underpainting poke through.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a checklist for the exhibition so the following images are not labeled.

Works by Ying Li


Works by Eve AschheimDSC_0473 DSC_0477


Ying Li / Eve Aschheim: Recent Paintings continues at the New York Studio School (8 West 8th Street, Greenwich Village, Manhattan) until July 20. The show has been extended until Sunday, July 28.

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