(image by the author for Hyperallergic)

(image by The Editors for Hyperallergic)

Today the world changed. The cruelest man in the world, Dominique Ansel, the chef and owner of the bakery of the same name, tweeted a tantalizing photo of the all elusive Cronut™ being held up to the damp light inside of the Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) Rain Room. This is an image of pure hubris. Why? Well, considering it will probably take you anywhere between one and two hours to score one of the ~200 cronuts available each day at $5 a pop (limit 2 per person), and five hours to wait in line to have your selfie moment in MoMA’s bizarrely popular Rain Room ($25 regular adult admission), this photo would take you most of your work day to achieve and set you back at least $30 (never mind the lost wages).

But why stop there, Mr. Ansel? May we suggest that next time you drag in a Citibike ($9.95+tax full day pass), some now extinct Metropolitan Museum buttons (a complete collection is selling on eBay for $49), and James Turrell’s installation (~$$$$$) at the Guggenheim uptown for full effect. Now, THIS is hubris.

Behold the ultimate image of summer 2013 in New York City. (~$90, does not include camera phone or Photoshop or Turrell)

h/t Gothamist

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  1. Sorry, I am not from NYC so I am not really part of this inside joke or any discussion.

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