Part of Saturday’s group to the Hamptons. (all photos by Hrag Vartanian and Deborah Check for Hyperallergic)

Last Saturday, a diverse group of more than 50 art enthusiasts, collectors, gallerists, art advisors, museum professionals, and artists joined Hyperallergic for a day trip to the Hamptons.

The visitors gather in Union Square (left) and arrive at the Baum Collection in Southampton (right).

After departing from Union Square on a private bus in the morning, the group arrived in the Hamptons and began the day by visiting the Art Southampton art fair, which featured more than 90 international art galleries in a 100,000-square-foot location. While this was only Art Southampton’s second year it has already succeeded in cultivating a friendly and enriching environment that attracts art lovers from across the region.

Views of the Art Southampton art fair, including (clockwise from top) Mindy Soloman Gallery’s display of works by James Kennedy, Dominique Labauvie, and Marc Lambrechts, a stunning painting by Milton Avery at Vered gallery, works by Rero at the Beatriz Esguerra Art gallery, a display of Warhols at Gallery Valentine, a warm greeting from the representative at the New York Academy of Art booth, and the display at the McNeill Art Group booth.

After exploring the fair, the group was invited to tour private Baum Collection in Southampton. Collectors Theodore and Ruth Baum graciously opened up their beach home and guided the group through the history of their collection, which intertwined Abstract Expressionism with German Neo-Expressionism, Ming furniture, Ancient Egyptian artifacts, and an array of natural curiosities, like a Narwhal tusk, that all blended easily through the prism of the couple’s distinctive personal taste. As the Baums led the group through their home, they recounted the stories behind each work and made the experience of collecting come alive in the process.

Hyperallergic guests touring the Baum Collection.

Guests mingling at the Baum Collection and Art Southampton. 

Guests enjoy some refreshments courtesy of the Baums at their home in Southampton.

The day concluded with cocktails in the Art Southampton VIP lounge, followed by an after party at the Southampton Social Club, where everyone was able to reflect on the day’s art and learn more about each other.

Members of the group relax in Art Southampton’s VIP lounge and at the Southampton Social Club after a day of art outings.

We would like to thank Art Southampton for helping to make this event possible as well as everyone that attended and made it an unforgettable day of art and new friends.

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