Lady Gaga has long been desperate for art world attention. Now, she’s collaborating with the artist who has long been desperate for pop culture cred, Marina Abramović. This is a marriage made on the stoney shore of an upstate New York lake or crouching in the fetal position around a large crystal.

Behold the art world’s version of late Elvis, Marina Abramović, and Madonna 2.0, Lady Gaga, captured in the aloof stylings of a college art video.

Gothamist has made the video all the more palatable with the addition of a brilliantly appropriate soundtrack, “Yakety Sax”:

And the staff of TMZ does the best spoof so far (h/t @godveveryone):

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

9 replies on “Lady Gaga Doing the Marina Abramović Method Is Satire, Right?”

  1. I’m going to respond to this for my dog who watched the video with me. According to my German Shepard, he scratched his ears after listening to the tonal quality and the belted a sigh then a great howl.

  2. It fits that Abramovic, in the middle of a semi-unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, would partner with Gaga, the queen of crowdsourcing ideas and fundraising through fan.

  3. It makes perfect sense Math-mate-iCali

    James plus Marina at MoMa equals baby JaMa. JaMa times Jay-Zeus equals Gagagodzilla!!!

  4. Can you please un-see that for me? Or give me back 2 minutes and 19 seconds. I didn’t think it was possible; but this is actually worse than Ai Wei Wei’s heavy metal album. It’s like a sculpture by Justin Beiber.

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