Stendhal Gallery Owner Accused of Swindling Artists Jonas Mekas & Paula Scher

Harry Stendhal and Jonas Mekas together at the opening of “Jonas Mekas: Fragments of Paradise” at Maya Stendhal Gallery in 2005 (via newyorksocialdiary.com)

Sure, we know that art dealers can be shady (very shady, in fact) but this recent story about a lawsuit that has been filed against the owner of Chelsea’s Stendhal Gallery, who supposedly swindled two artists to pay off a $90,000 bill at Cipriani Downtown is Un.Fuckin’.Believable … even by New York standards.

Courtesy the New York Post:

The artists, “godfather of avant-garde cinema” Jonas Mekas and designer Paula Scher, charge that Harry Stendhal sold their pieces without giving them their cut and is holding millions of dollars more of their work hostage, according to lawsuits they filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The pair say that when they confronted Stendhal, he retaliated by barraging them with profanity-laced e-mails … [including] “Don’t f- – k with me — I am warning you” …

One word: slimy.

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