What’s the Other Option? The World of Catron and Outlaw

A charming short documentary by Half Cut Tea about artists Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw captures the irreverent zaniness of this New York duo, who are known to push the boundaries of performance art in complex works that often appear to be part sculpture, part ritual, and part culinary homage.

During an interview with Hyperallergic last year, Samuel Rowlett asked the duo “If you were President and First Gentleman, what would be your economic strategy to avoid the fiscal cliff?”

Paul Outlaw’s answer offers some absurd insight into their thought process, which is continuously rethinking how the world works:

I’ve got this one! I have been planning this one for years. A very simple strategy. We replace all money with calories. I’ll give you a second to digest … Now, here is the brilliance. What is the purpose of money? To provide a universally understood system of value. What is universally needed for survival? Calories!

Instead of paying people with money, you pay them with a calorie allowance. You buy everything based on its calorie count. Apples are cheaper than candy bars because they have less calories. Only rich people can afford the high calorie stuff, so poor people will actually be healthier. Two birds one stone! This is brilliant. Think of the changes we will make. This is revolution!

Let the revolution begin.

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