The film world may be at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the films that create buzz, inspire viewers, and tells the stories we all want to hear are only a click away — and they’re completely free.

SnagFilms offers a broad menu of cinematic viewing from the comfort of your computer.

Browsing the selection, we created our own collection on SnagFilms highlighting some 15 films that caught our eye, and we titled it “Art That Kicks Ass,” because, well, it does.

From a documentary about Beijing’s artistic neighborhood 798 to a tour of the great museums of Havana, Cuba, there’s hours and hours of visual exploration on the site. If you want to explore the lives and work of particular artists, there are films about Jenny Holzer, Louise Bourgeois, Giotto, and many others. There’s also a cinematic look at the renowned Rothko Chapel in Houston or the hugely popular Herb & Dorothy, about the collector couple that stolen America’s heart with the generous gift of their art collection to the country’s museums.

Beyond art, there are many fascinating counterculture documentaries like The Weather Underground, which tells the story of the radical 1960s/70s student group known as the Weathermen, or Monumental Myths, which explores the perpetuated myths of America’s historic sites and markers.

You can bring all these films home by signing up for SnagFilms instantly.

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