Vacation Time, Blogazining Will Resume August 2nd

Deborah Leigh’s “Perilous Vacations #12” (2009) (via

After a busy week that included two major events (our sold-out “Star Wars & Modernism” event Wednesday night and last night’s PBR Tour) we are taking a vacation. Blogging will resume Monday, August 2. Until then please continue to visit Hyperallergic LABS for more bite-sized chunks of art and our Twitterfeed for art-related news and chatter.

And for those who may not yet know, we’re very happy to announce that our PBR Tour raised $1,400 for the Jersey City Museum. WOOT! We will post photos on our Facebook Page soon. We want to say a special thank you to Hyperallergic intern Dylan Schenker who played a pivotal role in initiating the PBR Tour, all the staff at the Jersey City Museum — particularly curator Christina Vassallo — and Silverman for donating the food and drinks for the event. And thank you to all the great people who donated their time to help out, particularly the PBR Tour’s official grillmaster (and my awesome brother-in-law) Garen Gueyikian. THANK YOU!

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