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Powhida trying to cast a spell at Hyperallergic HQ (photo by Miss Maro)

For those of you who could not attend William Powhida’s May 14th performance/lecture, “Surviving the Art World Using the Art of Sorcery,” at Hyperallergic HQ, the video of the event is now online on Hyperallergic’s Blip.TV channel, Hyperallergic TV.

You can also download the program (and all future episodes) via iTunes.

This week we will also be posting our inaugural Reactor podcast, which will feature a discussion about and images from the “Greater New York” exhibition at PS.1. This will the first of our monthly podcasts, which (we hope) will provide a forum for interesting discussion about art in New York from a critical perspective.

While these are our first experiments in video/podcasting, you can be assured the video and sound quality will improve as Hyperallergic develops its audio-visual resources. If you would like to help us up our game feel free to drop us a line … we can always use a helping hand. Be warned: the first three minutes of the Powhida video has some volume issues but things drastically improve after those first three minutes.

This event is part of a series of PROCESS TALKS at Hyperallergic HQ that invites people associated in some form with the art world to discuss an idea, project, or endeavor that they are currently working on but hasn’t been completed. This series encourages experimentation. If you have an idea for an event, please contact us.

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