We know it feels like just yesterday that we spent the night wandering the neighborhood-y yet industrial streets of Greenpoint in search of art, but actually, it was in May! That means it’s time, once again, for Greenpoint Gallery Night, for which Hyperallergic is once again a media partner. We can think of few better ways to celebrate the coming of fall with an art walk around North Brooklyn (stopping, of course, to look at street art along the way). Hopefully the weather will oblige and drop a few degrees. Here’s a guide to what’s in store:

 Splonk at 106 Green (106 Green Street)

Curated by artist Holly Coulis, this aptly named show considers the cartoon — not just cartoons in general, mind you, but contemporary takes on them. Splonk features eight artists whose work is related to and informed by cartooning, but who are also using their art to subvert those standard visual conventions.

 Brass in Pocket at Booklyn (37 Greenpoint Ave)

Feminism is taking over Booklyn, and we couldn’t approve more. The exhibition Brass in Pocket includes five artists whose subject matter isn’t expressly feminist or political, per se, but, as the press release says: “What we discovered through this process is that it is less of a ‘feminist’ concern to narrowly define this work as ‘feminist art.’ It is more important to bring the work, the pushing of boundaries and mediums, to light.” There will also be a feminist book swap in-house, which encourages you to take a related text and leave another one.

A work by Andrew Werner, who will be showing at Laundry Lung. (image via

A work by Andrew Werner, who will be showing at Brouwerij Lane. (image via

 Andrew Werner Paint/Photo at Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Ave)

Andrew Werner‘s paintings and drawings seem to be haunted by the ghosts of Expressionism and Surrealism, with maybe some Edward Gorey thrown in. The work is dark and sometimes disorienting, but with a healthy sense of humor. Should be a good fit for the Gothic vibes of beer store/bar Brouwerij Lane.

 #throwbackthursday / #flashbackfriday at Calico (67 West St, #206)

For their opening fall show, Calico has, like so many of us, turned to the internet for inspiration. Riffing on the #throwbackthursday and #flashbackfriday hashtags that flood Instagram and other social media, they’ve asked artists to dig up some of their old work and pair it with some of their new. It’s an intriguing exercise whose results we look forward to, not least because submissions were co-juried by our very own Hrag Vartanian.

Greenpoint 2017: Wolfy Pt 2 at Dandelion Wine (153 Franklin St)

Artist, designer, and illustrator Jef Scharf, aka Wolfy Pt 2, will take over Dandelion Wine on Friday night, for a show of his exuberant drawings, illustrations, and who knows what else. We don’t know much about this show, but given its title and this image, we’re hoping for some subtle social commentary.

Elizabeth Grammaticas, who painted this work titled ""taylorswift: My two new friends!!!! I had so much fun tonight!!" (2012), is one of the many artists featured at the Fowler Project Space. (image via

Elizabeth Grammaticas, who painted this work from her Celebrity Instagram series titled “taylorswift: My two new friends!!!! I had so much fun tonight!!” (2012), is one of the many artists featured at the Fowler Project Space. (image via

All Together Now at Fowler Project Space (67 West St, #216)

Working in or choosing to be part of a collective in this day and age constitutes a political choice. Why do it? And how does it play out? Fowler Project Space will investigate these questions with All Together Now, a show of art produced by individuals from the studios that comprise the Fowler Arts Collective. It will be interesting to see how (and if) the work of these 21 artists hangs together.

 Unknown at Greenpoint Galley (390 McGuiness Blvd)

Greenpoint Gallery just closed its first fall salon show and has an open call out for the next one, a people’s choice small works exhibition. That doesn’t open until September 20, so we’re not sure if they’ll have anything hanging on Friday or will just be accepting submissions. If you do drop off artwork, here are the guidelines.

A work by Leif Low-beer, who will be in the upcoming show at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery. (image via

A work by Leif Low-beer, who will be in the upcoming show at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery. (image via

 Up in Smoke at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery (67 West St, #220)

This new, artist-run gallery is located in the old Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, which is pretty neat in and of itself. They’re dedicated to emerging and mid-career artists, and on Friday they open their first show, Up in Smoke. It features five artists, and if you’re looking for thematic clues — or just some inspiration — try the the Jack London poem they’ve offered as a preface.

Superstitious 13 at the G-Spot (Coco66, 66 Greenpoint Ave)

This Friday, in case you hadn’t realized it, is the 13th of September. You know what that means: bad luck and superstition. The G-Spot has gathered 13 superstitious artists for the occasion. Also, the gallery is located in Coco66, which means you can come at the end of the evening and stay for the afterparty!

A work by Seren Morey at Janet Kurnatowski. (image via

A work by Seren Morey at Janet Kurnatowski. (image via

 Seren Morey: Hybrid Pulse at Janet Kurnatowski (205 Norman Ave)

Bucking the night’s group-show trend, Janet Kurnatowski is holding artist Seren Morey’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Morey makes multimedia works inspired by biological forms; using such materials as carved beeswax, glass beads, pigment dispersions, thread, and Ultralight, she creates manmade patterns that look distinctly organic.

 Paul Kerin: Arm’s Length at Laundry Lung (67 West St, #214)

Laundry Lung is also going for a solo show, of artist Paul Kerin. The focus is on Kerin’s meticulous collages, which he calls “a means to build associations that would not exist otherwise,” along with paintings and prints. Like Morey, Kerin also seems interested in biology, but much more the workings, ways, and popular depictions of the human body.

Maghen Brown at The One Well (165 Greenpoint Ave)

Maghen Brown will have a solo show at The One Well. A graphic novelist, illustrator, and designer, Brown conjures up a visionary world of stark lines and fluid segues.


 The Story of Cranes at Theceeflat (988 Manhattan Ave)

To counteract the superstition of the G-Spot, Theceeflat offers the good luck of a thousand origami cranes. With the help of a number of visual, music, and film artists, and apparently “a collaborative effort by a community of over 100 people from as far away as Sweden and New Zealand,” the gallery will offering a blessing of the cranes, which sounds lovely.

 Greenpoint Now at The Yard (33 Nassau Ave)

The Yard, Ugly Art Room, and Greenpointers have joined forces to put on this special Greenpoint-centric exhibition, Greenpoint Now. Based on the press release, the show of 16 artists seems set out to prove that there are creative people living in Greenpoint who aren’t just passing-through gentrifiers. Which we already knew. But we welcome a chance to see their work nonetheless.

 George Tsalikis: A Personal Geography at Yashar Gallery (276 Greenpoint Ave)

This show at Yashar Gallery features artist George Tsalikis, whose mixed-media works on paper are ethereal and evocative.

 Jack Jerz and Nicole Handel at Yes Gallery (147 India St)

Jack Jerz and Nicole Handel will be showing their work at Yes Gallery. Both artists have a graphic style that blends representation and abstraction.

Greenpoint Gallery night takes place Friday, September 13, from 6 to 9 pm.

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