Getty curator Bryan Keene was one of the many curators taking part in today's #AskaCurator day on Twitter. (image via @GettyMuseum)

Getty curator Bryan Keene was one of the many curators taking part in today’s #AskaCurator day on Twitter. (image via @GettyMuseum)

Today’s #AskaCurator Day is a step in the right direction towards the more transparent conversations that should always be happening with curators of all types. But there were some noteworthy questions that weren’t answered by many institutions, if at all.

And while the West Coast museums continue to rage on asking questions on Twitter, we compiled some of our favorite English-language tweets, which range from the very important and serious to the downright hilarious (accolades to @TaneDanger for generating some of the funniest of the day).

(Also, for those of you who missed it, the Los Angeles Museum of Art (LACMA) Storified a helpful list of questions related to the James Turrell tripleheader.)

And the same “question” with a twist:

Note: The Rijksmuseum’s response was, “Putting together a Pinterest is not curating, it involves a lot of research and a deep commitment to a collection.”

Note: In case you don’t know what Elgin refers to, it is the Elgin Marbles.

Note: This one by the LA Times art critic is a little troll-y but a good one.

This is just a great question:

And they got a great series of responses, including this one:

And these tweets help make it all worthwhile:

And some artist honesty:

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