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Christoph Klemmt’s “Or2” design is a photochromic canopy structure and a A’ Design Award winner. As the designer explains: “Or2 is a single surface roof structure which reacts to sunlight. The polygonal segments of the surface react to ultra-violet light, mapping the position and intensity of solar rays. When in the shade, the segments of Or2 are translucent white. However when hit by sunlight they become colored … ” (all images courtesy

Designers from 140+ nations have participated in the A’ Design Awards and Competition; the International Juried Design Awards for fame, prestige, and publicity in 2013. Award winning designs were granted a series of services, including yearbook publication, multiple international exhibitions, gala-night participation, public relations services, and advertising to reach new audiences. Visit to learn more about the design accolades and if you wish to check more award winning works or learn more details regarding the awarded entries to get fresh design inspiration visit

The A’ Design Award tropy was designed by Italy’s OMC Design Studios.

What is the A’ Design Award & Competition? It is the world’s largest design accolades with entries from 140+ nations, and winners from 67 counties. Entries to the a-prime design competition are blind judged by an expert 50-person jury panel composed of academics, design professionals, and press members from the design field. Award winners are granted exclusive services ranging from public relations to exhibition participation, and of course are also given the iconic A’ Design Award Trophy and the award winning designs’ yearbook.

Ludovico Office by Claudio Sibille is a convenient drawer, chair, and desk combo.

Some of the other A’ Design winners, including (clockwise from top left) Booklight by Kahyun Kim, Acutor a Pencil Sharpener by Jaeryong Lee, Daphne Installation by Fumio Hirakawa, and Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan.

Some additional A’ Design Award winners (clockwise from top left): Origami Rose Multifunctional Table by Joyce Chan, Medusa Pipes by Jakub Lanča, Prism Folding Low Table by Nak Boong Kim, and Positive and Negative by Mona Hussein.

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