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Don’t tell anyone, but Hyperalleric is looking for two amazing interns (photo via

This summer we’ve been lucky to have three amazing interns who spent the summer letting me take them out for lunch while we worked together to organize events, plan and execute a blogging schedule, and talk about ideas, writing, art, and social issues. They each wow’d me with their enthusiasm and creativity, and each found a great way to get the most out of their summer.

Holly Gover had a great knack for creating long-form posts, like her solid review of the Late Warhol show at the Brooklyn Museum or her Overheard at the Met piece, which captured snippets of tourist conversations about modern and contemporary art at New York’s great temple of fine objects.

Janelle Grace played a big role in Hyperallergic LABS this summer, and she helped us create a weekly series that focuses on one topic and explores it with images, facts, notes, and photo essays (these included the BP Oil Spill, World Cup, The Veil … ). She also conducted a series of wonderful interviews with artists Dread Scott and Princess Hijab.

Dylan Schenker co-produced the first Reactor podcast that launched yesterday, and he spearheaded an effort to help shine a spotlight on the Jersey City Museum and its financial troubles. He also helped organize the successful PBR Tour that raised a lot of awareness and $1,400 for the Jersey City Museum.

Well, it is almost time to say goodbye to the best summer interns known to humanity. But that doesn’t mean the fun is about to stop, as we are announcing that it’s time to start looking for two fall 2010 interns!

So, if you’re interested, please fill out this form that will ask you for the following:

  • your first & last name
  • Twitter handle
  • email
  • why you want to intern
  • what you’re amazing at
  • your work experience
  • your knowledge of the online world
  • your blog

So, go for it and APPLY:

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