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Pandemic co-proprietors Robin and Keely in front of the new Pandemic space in Brooklyn’s Navy Yards neighborhood. (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

After three years as a fixture of Williamsburg’s rambunctious street art scene, Pandemic Gallery will reopen tomorrow night in a larger space a few miles south in Brooklyn’s fast-changing Navy Yard neighborhood. Their opening will feature a solo show by street artist EKG and the record release party of punk band Fake Hooker‘s new album.

The EKG show in progress at the new Pandemic Gallery space.

“We’re not going to do monthly shows like we did at [the first] Pandemic, but we’re going do way more epic things, like an artist who can take on this kind of a space. Not many group shows if I can help it,” says Robin Drysdale, co-proprietor of Pandemic, along with his girlfriend Keely Brandon. The two are also practicing street artists and share a studio in the Pandemic building.

The duo took over the location late last year and they have since scraped and scrubbed the raw space on Waverley Avenue between Park and Flushing Avenues to transform it into a studio and gallery space on an industrial block. The facade of the new Pandemic is already covered with the work of a number of street artists, including Belgian legend Roa, whose distinctive — and often rotting — black and white critters have been exhibited around the world.

A detail of EKG’s unfinished 528 foot Pandemic mural in progress.

EKG has planned a 528 square foot painting for his solo show, which will span across the space. Pandemic hopes to release a new print every few months, and they are kicking off the series with the release of a new limited edition print by EKG of his famed icon, which some street art fans have dubbed “the heartbeat of NYC” for its ubiquitous presence on the streets of New York.

Robin and Keely have no plans yet to join the art fair circuit, but they prefer to soldier on as an outpost of street art curating shows of work they love. If their past is any indication, Pandemic will continue to be a must-see venue for the city’s street art lovers.

A view of the new Pandemic with a gallery space (left), shared studio (center), and bar (right). (click to enlarge)

Pandemic Gallery is located at 22 Waverly Avenue, Navy Yard, Brooklyn, and opens for its inaugural event featuring EKG, Fake Hookers, and Unstoppable Death Machines on Saturday, September 28, at 8pm. Pandemic will be open Saturdays and Sundays (12pm–6pm).

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  1. If last night’s performance was this gallery’s way of introducing itself to the neighborhood then they basically said EFF YOU to everyone that lives on this block…hundreds of us. Heavy Metal bands began playing at 11pm with the garage door open and at full volume waking a building full of people including dozens of small children. A huge crowd of people blocked Waverly Avenue and the sidewalk as there was no visable security or crowd control present.Patrons were seen dumping beer bottles out of vehicles, urinating on the sidewalk (women included) and screaming till late in the night. It was also clear the venue was selling alcohol and several people intend to file a complaint with the State Liquor Authority to investigate.
    If this is how you say “Howdy Wallabout”….Wallabout does not return the affection and we are not amused.

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