Author Ian Epstein will be the international man of mystery from mid-September until early October as he takes to the skies and sniffs out art stories across America. (image via the author)

From mid September through early October, I’ll be on an art-themed Odyssey across the United States in an attempt to find a nation and its art, all the while remaining sensitive to scenes from around the country and, of course, their discontents.

I’ll bounce from JFK to ORD, LAX to MSY, SLC to IAD, SFO and beyond — as long as the “beyond” falls within the boundaries of the jetBlue network (thanks to my monthly unlimited metrocard to the sky). I’ll try to untangle mediums, museums and airport codes along the way.

And I will be traveling light: armed with opinions, pens, and camera (probably some ignorance too), the plan is to look at, make sense of, essay on, translate, review, photograph and present whatever I come across: everything from historic preservation advocacy groups and oil painters to aircraft boneyards; the latest hangings in the National Gallery of Art to the brightest starchitects touching down in Vegas.

While I am perfectly (and stupidly) content to trust the polished non-advice available everywhere as internet certifiable “fact” (and probably will be until I am stabbed in my sleep), it might be safer and more effective to know if and what Hyperallergic readers are curious about beyond the five boroughs. So please join the discussion, and realize that your tweets have the power to move people in the real world. Tell me where to go, suggest things you heard of once, comment with thoughts, tips, or both, send questions for investigating. Anything.

Expect notes from all over to start Monday, September 13.

Feel free to leave comments below or email me: ian [at] hyperallergic [dot] com.

Ian Epstein

Ian Epstein is a freelance writer and photographer living in New York City. He has worked for The...

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