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Banksy released this one late in the day, perhaps so that no one can get good photos of this one during the day? Regardless, this one, called “Bronx Zoo,” is near Yankee’s Stadium in the Bronx.

Judging by another photo on Instagram (posted here), there is more than one animal made by Banksy As the commenter pointed out, this pic is from the Cans festival, so it is a repeat people … interesting. Maybe he’s transformed the neighborhood into a mini-graffiti zoo? Happy hunting! And we’ll report back soon.

Animal is reporting it is located at East 162nd Street and Jerome Avenue, though they do not intersect, so we’re guessing it is by those two streets. We still have to confirm this.

Photo of another animal, probably by Banksy, by Instagram user @chris_stemman

In other news, Banksy — obviously — isn’t the only street art game in town, so Swoon’s recent mural that popped up at the Bowery mural on Houston is a welcome addition to the streetscape, but another artist, Invader, has also shown up to hit various spots around downtown Manhattan (he doesn’t appear to have ventured far beyond that area).

A pic I snapped of the Swoon mural (in progress) last Friday night. (photo by the author for Hyperallergic)

Invader’s New Work in NYC

Street art photographer Luna Park has allowed us to publish her images of Invaders invasion, which originally appeared on her blog The Street Spot, here:

Also, now people are stealing “fake” Banksy street art, and turning some of his works into GIFs, including this one by ABVH of the Upper West Side Banksy:

Btw, the plastic “rope” outside the Gramercy Housing Works thrift shop is further away from the glass then it was yesterday:

And the bidding for the Gramercy Banksy has already hit the $220,000 mark:

Ok, make that $300,000.

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  1. It’s a worldwide Graf forum going on in NYC. I hope I’m able to see some of Invaders work when I get to visit. I dig that guys stuff.

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