(All photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

(all photographs by the author for Hyperallergic)

As prices for studios rise steadily throughout New York, here’s a useful guide to finding the ideal, affordable NYC studio and figuring out what your “priorities” should be.

If you are a struggling artist, it is all about bang for your buck. Your work deserves however much space it needs to be fully realized. Don’t worry though, it is possible to pay a dollar per square foot if you follow these rules … and yes, these are all real world scenarios faced by artists in NYC.

A Charmingly Awkward Entrance


Adds incentive to stay trim.



Public Transportation


Think bus depot not bus stop


Look for the Waste Management line not the L line.

The Beach


Bring a towel and a hazmat suit.

A Local Swimming Pool


Charming … and avoids the crowds!



A ladder may be required.

Distribution Centers


Like the grocery store but much bigger and undeniably more exclusive.



Cell reception is beautiful on many levels.

Overpasses or underpasses


Who needs The High Line when you have this next door.

A Bucket


If there is no running water say hello to this guy!

Brian Fernandes-Halloran is a found object sculptor following a natural tendency to make life and loved ones from what was lost and forgotten. His work has been shown at the New Museum and the Fridman...

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      1. Oooh! Well good! I don’t think it’s fair to see all of your halfway decent spaces jacked up in price. Hopefully the property market will even out or get some kind of relief on that front.

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