Kanye West has given a doozy of an interview on NYC’s Power 105 radio station that really makes you wonder how much bigger his ego could possibly be and if he believes his pseudo-revolutionary babble about corporations and creativity. When someone talks about being marginalized for only designing two shoes at a major corporation (08:42) then you know he’s lost any perspective. And then there’s this line:

“I’m like Marina Marina Abramović this is like performance art. I ain’t got a problem with looking stupid.”

Here are some other choice (and partly nonsensical) art-related lines by Kanye:

“I’m like Michelangelo, and anyone who backs me is like the Medici family … ”

“What people call a rant, I call a visionary stream of consciousness … ”

“That’s only happened one other time in history … when Jordan was a third round pick … ”

“As an artist we can do whatever we want, ain’t nothing real … it’s all iconography that we put a mindset on it. People are going to write in history books about what I’m doing right now. You’re going to look back at 20 years and look at the George Bush moment, and the Beyonce moment, and the Confederate flag moment, and look what I turned up and made a bigger corporation than H&M and LVMH and y’all going to remember that and we’re going to be listening to Drake … ”

“I’m a great post-modern creative, as a futurist I don’t always have the facilities to create the way I want. When Nike drops the flyness, that’s a futurist concept that they have the time to create and put out.”

Because corporations are the futurists of today … *cough* bullshit. When Kanye says he doesn’t know anyone with a nice house — yes, he did — then you have to wonder if anyone is grounding him.

And these questions and comments really challenged Kanye:

“Why do you talk so much about money nowadays, man? I used to look at you as, like, a real revolutionary. You know real revolutionaries didn’t need money to change the world?”

“If you’re a genius, why do you feel the need to tell everybody? Why you just don’t show and prove with actions and deeds, and not words and lip-service?”

“I’ve never seen a revolutionary do it on a business thing, the revolutionary I like are connected to the people, they weren’t connected to the corporation … you’re too materialistic and too connected to the corporations, man.”

While Kanye makes good music, his sense of worth is obviously greatly exaggerated. He also says he thinks he’s more relevant than Obama because no one cares what the President wears (which is untrue). Anyway, you can’t make this stuff up, and he is starting to sound a little sad and unhinged.

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Hrag Vartanian

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11 replies on “Kanye Compares Himself to Michelangelo, Marina, Thinks He’s More Relevant than Obama”

  1. Sorry Hrag Vartanian but Kanye West doesnt even make “good music”… look at other real rap stars like Snoop “Lion” (nowadays) or Dr. Dre…… they almost make something interesting….. anyways…. greetings from Napoleon Bonaparte!

  2. If he only cares about god and his family, why does he so desperately need to be one of the most powerful billionaires? He sounds seriously delusional with statements like this and comparing himself to Michael Angelo. I’d never even heard one of his songs until this latest rediculous video. ALL HYPE.

  3. It’s rare that someone’s ego gets this inflated. Fools go gaga for it. As a true revolutionary rapper once said, “Don’t beleive the hype!”. He really doesn’t represent when all he wants is to get in bed with big money. How he can profess to be pushin’ people into a higher level of consciousness is beyond me… and how, by becoming the next big brand… a new Jesus?

  4. He sounds like a slow adult. Or, have you ever had a homeless person who is suffering from schizophrenia speaking a lot of jibber-jabber to you? That’s really what I thought of when I heard this. I feel bad for his kid. How would you like to have a dad like this?

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