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If the title doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this post … well, then we can’t help you:

Please Help Me Beyonce (link)

First there was Beyonce Art History (please visit it if you haven’t) and now a site that can find the perfect Beyonce tune to suit your (I’m guessing heartbroken or fierce) mood. Honestly, if Beyonce can’t help you … well, no one can.

George W. Bush, American Painter (link)

We haven’t held back about our dislike for the PR move that is George W. Bush the artist. It is probably as cold and calculated an image move as buying a ranch or his fake Texas twang, but some people are eating it up. This Tumblr blog, though, doesn’t — and that’s why it is worth a visit. When you look at his largely saccharine and banal images of cats, dogs, and himself bathing perhaps this will remind you and he isn’t your beloved uncle or guy next door. He is a man with a history that helped drive our economy to the brink of ruin and started two major wars.

Lest we forget

People of Color in European Art History (link)

Nothing says “whoa” more than pointing out something that has been there all along but no one bothered pointing out. So, People of Color in European Art History is a fun visual resource that will reinforce that there were indeed “people of color” (or “colour,” as the Europeans write) in Europe before the modern era.

Images of Balthasar, the black magi (of Three Kings fame), may be the most notable of the images, but there are saints, diplomats, allegoriesservants, and other random individuals that appear in the work of many artists. Broaden your mind.

20 Bad Art Jokes (link)

Buzzfeed is practically a verb nowadays, so you’ll understand when I say that this listicle of bad art jokes is typical BF (as its friends and frenemies call it), but what the hell — the point of this post is to battle your alienation, right? Bad jokes help, don’t they?

And as an internet worker, I can tell you that this image is EXACTLY the way the web works … all the rest is window dressing.

The Installator Blog (link)

We’ve written about this site before (back in April 2012) but there is so much good new stuff that you should check out. I’m not sure what the appeal of art installation is but it looks rather glamorous (if underappreciated).

I should mention that their categorization of art handling is very broad, and includes artist Georgia O’Keeffe holding a Matisse sculpture, instructions from 1969 for a Richard Serra sculpture installation, and the more conventional installation of a Rembrandt self-portrait.

The Latest

Did Judy Chicago Just Troll Us?

Nowhere in the museums’ advertising blitzkrieg for the performance were we told to bring our wildfire-season masks as well as our covid masks, and covid masks don’t prevent smoke inhalation.

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