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Posted inArt

The Artist Behind the Light Installation at Tribeca Issey Miyake

Grimanesa Amorós’s work has always been a little too big — literally and conceptually speaking — to be confined within the barriers of a gallery. Her light sculptures have encroached upon the streets of New York City, encountering passersby, mesmerizing them with paper sculptures and the translucent spheres for which she has become known. Though Tribeca Issey Miyake is hardly a vast, open space typical of interventionist art, in her new installation at the Japanese designer’s boutique the sculptures certainly confront new viewers and easily mixes fashion and fine art.

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Channeling Tragedy, Comedy and Judy Garland

So there I stood, sharing a cigarette with my friends on the curb outside of La MaMa. We were patiently waiting for the house to open for former NEA 4 defendant John Fleck’s show, “Mad Women,” a dizzying one-man mash-up of the performance artist’s life with the final year of the legendary Judy Garland, when one of the producers approached me and asked, “Do you want to be in the show?”

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Are Conflict Diamonds Still in Fashion at the Museum at FIT? [UPDATED]

Oh no, it’s like Naomi Campbell all over again! Well, not quite. One of the sponsors of the Daphne Guinness blockbuster exhibition at the Museum at FIT, Leviev Extraordinary Diamonds, has recently come under fire for some shady activities involving shall we say “questionable” diamond trades, upsetting several media outlets and human rights organizations. When will the fashion world learn?

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Extreme Makeover: Art World Edition

Since we’ve been running down the most powerless and most f***able art world figures, now we’re seeing which ones are in dire need a makeover. Anyone in the public sphere knows the way they dress reflects greatly on their work, and art people, fortunately or not, are no exception.

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Ai Weiwei’s “Enforced Disappearance” for W Magazine

For their 6th annual Art Issue, W Magazine enlisted the help of dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to art direct a photo shoot entitled, “Enforced Disappearance.” Touted as “his first New York work since being released from government custody,” Weiwei collaborated on these images first by email, then by Skype, relaying his ideas and giving direction from halfway around the world.

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Dior Gets Perspex-tive from Anselm Reyle

Designer/artist crossbreeding is nothing new. MAC had Cindy Sherman, Louis Vuitton had Takashi Murakami, and Stella McCartney had Barry Reigate. But for the 65 year-old house of Dior, a new accessories and cosmetics collection made in collaboration with German contemporary artist Anselm Reyle may be a bold new step that will help invigorate the French label.