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Posted inArt

The Naive Ramblings of a Polymathic Pop Star

Moby is a polymath, that we know. If we didn’t know that, we found out after visiting the tea shop he used to own on the Lower East Side. Maybe you’ve also heard other factoids about him too, like his support for animal rights or his alleged ancestral link to Herman Melville. We do not jest. (Actually, his Wikipedia page is full of surprises.) Today we look at another facet of Moby’s broad passion: the architecture of Los Angeles.

Posted inArt

Overheard in the Art World

This week, while the art world may have hopped off the Miami return flight with her eyeliner running like she just stumbled out of the Shore Club, it didn’t stop her from pounding more champagne and living off passed cupcakes by Melissa as she made her rounds on the Holiday Party circuit.