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Ten Tips for Aspiring Curators

Since learning of Shaquille O’Neal’s curating gig with Flag Art Foundation, among other dubious projects announced last year, I have found myself returning to Eva Diaz’s piece “Whither Curatorial Studies?” from last February, in which she weighed the teachings of curatorial degree programs against the realities of the profession. Does this “pedagogical cottage industry” adequately prepare its students for the real world of curating?

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Best & Worst of the Aughts

It’s been a hell of a decade and the aughts have come to a close. We asked people to chime in about what they loved and hated about the last ten years, including, Karen Wilkin, Johanna Fassl, Ruba Katrib, Gary Panter, William Powhida, Barry Hoggard & James Wagner, Lyra Kilston, and Will Heath.

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The Center of Art: A Conversation with Critic & Curator Karen Wilkin

She’s one of New York’s old skool art critics and has penned books on everyone from David Smith to Edward Gorey. An authority on 20th C. modernism, Karen Wilkin agreed to talk to Hyperallergic about her experience as a longtime observer of the art world and in the process she spoke about an art world “afraid of missing out on something,” and she offers some advice to aspiring critics.

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There is No Public Space

Sarah makes small matchbook sculptures that are designed to be left in public spaces. They are intimate art works that are part of the ritual of her practice. She believes in the words of Margaret Meade, who said, “When justice is lost, we have ritual. We need more ritual in our daily lives.”