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The Beauty of Function in Creatures’ Constructions

From the tiny harvest mouse twisting a humble home of blades of grass, to the lofty fields of compass termite towers appearing like relics of some ancient world, the structures of the animal kingdom are astounding in their complexity of forms. Nature photographer Ingo Arndt dedicated two years of traveling around the world to discover these builders, the results of which are published in a new book.

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What Tom Finkelpearl (and Many Others) Made, and Might Make

There’s been so much hemming and hawing about “social practice” art in the past few years, it’s a little painful to even say, or type, the phrase. So, it felt a little odd to be picking up a fairly lengthy book on the topic, What We Made: Conversations on Art and Social Cooperation. But the number one reason I was intrigued by this volume is the person who put it together: Tom Finkelpearl.

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What Is an Object?

Before even opening The Object, Whitechapel Gallery and the MIT Press’s latest installment in the Documents of Contemporary Art series, the book’s title stares back, interpolates itself, asking questions: What is an object? Which object?