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50 People Get Naked for Art on Wall Street, 3 Get Arrested

Wall Street is a bizarre place. Major investment banks, hedge funds and other members of the world’s financial elite tank the world’s economy and practically no one gets arrested. Fifty participants in a performance art project by Zefrey Throwell, Ocularpation: Wall Street, get naked and three are arrested and are awaiting court appearances. America, consider this your wake up call.

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First Shots Fired in 2012 US Presidential Street Art Battle

Let’s face it, 2008 was the year of Obamart and Obama street art. The art world couldn’t get enough of the nation’s first black presidential contender with a good chance of winning, Barack Obama, but 2012 is another story. Has the passion for Obama died down? Will the street art battle be more fierce with possible Michelle Bachmann-loving wheatpastes or stencils professing love for Mitt Romney?