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Court Rules Maine Labor Mural’s Removal Is Legal

Last friday, a federal judge denied a request to order Maine to return a mural to a state Labor Department office where it was removed last month. According to the ruling, the Maine governor’s order to remove the 36-foot-long mural in late March constituted government speech, or the right of government to say what it wishes regardless of the viewpoint expressed.

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War Photographer Tim Hetherington Killed in Libya [UPDATED]

War photographers help us witness pain, discover injustice and make sense of abstractions that are fed to us by our governments and leaders. They are the front line of image creators and they capture frightening, incredible, tender and unthinkable pictures that shock and enlighten us. Their jobs are very difficult but they are often soo good at it. Today, it was reported that photographer Tim Hetherington was killed in Misurata, Libya.