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Excavating Banksy

Artist Brad Downey’s latest art project excavated the classic 2003 Banksy mural titled, “Every Picture Tells a Lie,” for an exhibition in Berlin. What will happen to the work, which restorers uncovered by scraping away more than a dozen layers of paint, no one knows yet.

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Sign Up Now for Law School for Visual Artists in October

If (according to Aristotle), “Law is reason, free from passion,” than art and law aren’t exactly soul mates. Yet legal issues are an important thing for artists to be aware of, especially when it comes to navigating the complicated terrain of intellectual property and art world bureaucracy. Enter the Law School for Visual Artists, a five-week lecture series hosted by the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts to help artists be their own advocates.

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Gender Bending in Danish Painting

COPENHAGEN — While I’ve been exploring contemporary Danish art, I wanted to take time to see some more historic Scandinavian works to put the work in context. A visit to the National Gallery of Denmark was a treat (more about that later) but this one painting by Kristian Zahrtmann was particularly captivating for the content and treatment of the subject.

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The (Other) Sleep Artist

In a crowded marketplace, and especially during uncertain economic times, how can artists stand out from the pack? It helps to be a child prodigy or a former model or a convicted serial murderer, of course, but it’s not like you can just wake up in the morning and become any of these things. Welsh artist Lee Hadwin, however, has been lucky enough to distinguish himself by doing something the rest of us do every day: he’s been making a name for himself as the artist who paints in his sleep.

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This Week In Lawsuits: SpongeBob’s (Not So) Nautical Nonsense

Former SpongeBob SquarePants lead artist Todd White’s slick website includes a section where you can keep abreast of “what’s going on in Todd’s fast-moving world”; currently, it includes clips about his various media appearances, side projects and celebrity [sic] endorsements. What you won’t find, however, is news about a curious series of back-and-worth lawsuits he’s involved in this month.