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Yale Art Dept Website Has “Officially Cemented Trolling as an Art Form”

Yale School of Art may have the reputation of being an institution that turns out future art market-friendly artist gazillionaires, but their website is hurting the eyes of people all over the web.

Recently, a bunch of users on Reddit have been cursing the institution’s jarring — which may be an understatement — website. If you have a few minutes to kill this morning and want to be lost in the hilarity of their reactions be my guest. The page is titled, “I’ll bet Yale’s Art Department has an awesome-looking site! Wait… WHAT?! : WTF


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Art Teachers Remembered In This Week’s Comments

This week’s post on Hyperallergic about how awesome art teachers are sparked a lot of response, so we decided to start a little Twitter action: we re-tweeted everyone who sent us their most influential art teachers, whether it was a college professor or an elementary school instructor. This heartwarming exercise brought together a list of all the teachers that deserve thanks, for inspiring us, for starting us out on the art world paths we’re on now, or just being great people.

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Purple’s Olivier Zahm Just Really Loves Women, Bro

Reports hold that Purple Magazine editor Olivier Zahm, widely known for being a skeezy dude who documents his love sex life obsessively online on Purple’s Diary, is just super into the ladies. Says Rachel Chandler, a Purple contributor, “A lot of people think he’s a sexist pig… What they don’t get is that he really loves women. Like, more than any man I’ve ever met.” A New York Times profile has the details.

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Art Teachers Rock!

I came across this wonderful story in the Hackensack Chronicle and my heart melted. Art teachers are the heart and soul of the visual arts but they often don’t get the recognition they deserve. I was happy to hear that this small group of teachers in Hackensack was recognized by the Art Educators of New Jersey for their service.

I have personally benefited immensely from great art teachers and I’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a few along the way. The one who made the biggest impression on me was Toronto painter Ron Satok, who is famous for having painted a prominent mural at the original Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Incredibly, Satok is blind.