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Explore Film Favorites on SnagFilms

The film world may be at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the films that create buzz, inspire viewers, and tells the stories we all want to hear are only a click away — and they’re completely free. SnagFilms offers a broad menu of cinematic viewing from the comfort of your computer.

Browsing the selection, we created our own collection on SnagFilms highlighting some 15 films that caught our eye, and we titled it “Art That Kicks Ass,” because, well, it does.

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Walk Through Juan Atkins’ Detroit

As any techno fan, myself included, can tell you, Juan Atkins is considered one of the elders of techno, which was born in the rapidly changing world of Metro Detroit. Even as the city, once one of the fastest growing cities in the world, was being hollowed out by white flight, the edges of the city were giving birth to a new musical vitality informed by funk, Kraftwerk, Chicago House, new technologies, and other currents of the period.

In this new video from the Avant/Garde Diaries, Atkins takes you through the urbanscape of a “postindustrial city” that he calls “cold and bleak”, but one that has never stopped acting as a muse for creatives like himself.

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School of Visual Arts Continuing Education Fall 2013 Information Sessions

The School of Visual Arts Continuing Education information sessions provide you with the chance to spend an evening with some of New York City’s top creative talent – their faculty. Learn about SVA’s courses, get the inside scoop on career opportunities, and discover the latest on the industries’ trends and innovations.

These special evenings are offered to the general public, free of charge. Seating is given on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Sessions begin promptly at 6:30 pm.

For more details on each information session visit:

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Stream High-Quality Films of Contemporary Performance at

Before, high-quality documentation of contemporary performance was almost impossible to find. Through the site, fans of contemporary performance have found better access to HD-quality videos of the artists they want to see regardless of where they live or their busy schedules, at prices they can afford.

A first-of-its-kind site, brings contemporary work to a global audience by filming top caliber performances and making them available for stream, download or subscription purchase on any device.

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Develop Your Leadership Skills and Understand Global Arts Management Practices

The new International Leadership Program in Visual Arts Management – ILPVAM is an advanced executive certificate program offered by three leading institutions: NYU, Deusto Business School (University of Deusto, Spain), and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

ILPVAM combines advanced business theory and techniques together with the latest concepts and global trends in visual arts management and administration to provide you a rigorous, engaging educational experience.