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[Sponsor] Norte Maar Presents “The Brodmann Areas,” April 12–15

Norte Maar invites you to The Brodmann Areas, a new collaborative ballet that explores the workings of our minds through dance. The ballet will take place at the Center for Performance Research (361 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn). Tickets are $25 ($20 for seniors/students) and can be purchased at

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The Avant/Garde Diaries invites you to Transmission LA: AV Club Curated by Mike D

The Avant/Garde Diaries is a digital portrait magazine that invites leading creatives to talk about the cutting edge of art, design, fashion, music and film.

On April 20 – May 6th, 2012 The Avant Garde Diaries invites you to TRANSMISSION LA: AV CLUB Curated by Mike D.

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Thank You to Our March Sponsors

We would like to take a brief moment to thank this month’s sponsors. These are the organizations and companies that keep us publishing, so be sure to check them out!

  • 20×200, a great place to browse and buy contemporary art prints at reasonable prices.
  • Artspace. Collect art from the world’s best contemporary artists at accessible prices.
  • Pulse Art Fair. New dates Pulse NY, MAY 3-6, 2012 at The Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street, New York.
  • Tyler School of Art. 2012 MFA Thesis exhibitions on view through May 12.
  • Pernod Art & Absinthe Guide. A handy mobile App that lists Galleries, Events and Bars in BK.
  • Storefront BushwickBushwick Gallery currently featuring artist Kirk Stoller.
  • Artspan. A contemporary art destination and service providing totally customizable artist websites.
  • Norte Maar. Community building non-profit organization with an emphasis on collaborative projects.
  • Art Systems. Professional art gallery, antiques and collections management software.
  • Tyler Summer Painting & Sculpture Intensive. 7-week immersion program for artists interested in developing their work in a challenging and supportive environment.
  • SVA MPS Graduate Fashion Photography Program. An intensive one-year degree program offering practicing photographers the opportunity to advance their bodies of work.
  • Art New England Summer Workshops. Immerse yourself in your art without the interruptions and responsibilities of daily life.
  • Bernard Klevickas. New York-based sculptor.
  • Adam Lindeman. Follow what the NY Observer columnist is seeing and reading at his site.
  • Avant/Garde Diaries. A digital interview magazine that documents personal views on the avant-garde.
  • Artists Wanted. Connecting creative talent with an international audience of collectors and art enthusiasts.

If you are interested in advertising on Hyperallergic, please get in touch with Nectar Ads, the Art Ad Network.

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The Avant/Garde Diaries Presents “Movement”, a festival-night curated by Andreas Emenius

The Avant/Garde Diaries is a digital portrait magazine that invites leading creatives to talk about the cutting edge of art, design, fashion, music and film.

On March 29th The Avant/Garde Diaries will host a festival-night full of music, art and performances at H.C. Andersen Slottet (Tivoli) in Copenhagen. Curated by painter Andreas Emenius, the event revolves around the motto “movement” in interdisciplinary installations, concerts and discussions. As main protagonist Emenius selected New York based composer and musician Mikkel Hess who will give insight in his definition of “movement”.

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Beat Nite 7: Bushwick Art Spaces Stay Open Late, Sat Mar 10 6-10PM

Jason Andrew + Norte Maar present the seventh installment of Beat Nite: Bushwick Art Spaces Stay Open Late. This bi-annual night, now in it’s fourth year, continues to be an exciting showcase for art in the epicenter of the city’s young creative community. Half art stroll, half bar crawl, alternative spaces and reputable galleries will once again welcome the public to see real art in real time, one night only on March 10, 6-10pm with an official after party at English Kills from 10-12pm.

Visit for the full list and links to participating galleries and to download the Beat Nite gallery map.

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School of Visual Arts MPS Graduate Fashion Photography program is now accepting applications for Fall 2012

The MPS Graduate Fashion Photography department is an intensive one-year degree program offering practicing photographers the opportunity to advance their bodies of work under the guidance of photographers, editors, creative directors and digital retouchers working at the forefront of fashion today, and in partnership with the CFDA ‘Incubators’ program.

Bridging the gap between “high” and “low” culture, commercial and fine art photography, still and moving images, the program is dedicated to exploiting the full potential of fashion photography as a platform for invention, creativity and subversion.

SVA MPS Graduate Fashion Photography is now accepting applications for the fall 2012 term. To download an application, visit: Deadline: April 16, 2012

For more information about the program visit

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School of Visual Arts MFA Program in Art Criticism & Writing is Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2012

The MFA program in Art Criticism & Writing is one of the only graduate writing programs in the world that focuses specifically on criticism. This program is not involved in “discourse production” or the prevarications of curatorial rhetoric, but rather in the practice of criticism writ large, aspiring to literature.

The practice of criticism involves making finer and finer distinctions among like things, but it is also a way to ask fundamental questions about art and life.

To see sample programs, faculty bios, news, the Degree Critical online journal and recordings of past lectures, go to, or visit, to download the application.

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Subscribe to Art Practical’s Mail Art Series

What’s better than looking at art? Having it arrive on your doorstep!

In honor of Art Practical’s fiftieth issue, “Printed Matter,” we invite you to subscribe to the Art Practical Mail Art Subscription series. As a subscriber you will receive works of art as correspondence from each of six artists, starting in March 2012.

Each artist will explore and respond to Art Practical’s archive in a form of their choosing—a text, letter, photograph, drawing, etc.—which you will receive in the mail, once a month for six months. The articles the artists respond to are catalysts for the correspondence, an idea expressed by the writer that prompts reflection, retort, or inquiry in one direction or another. And they encourage subscribers to reply in turn, via a postcard enclosed with each piece of mail art.

The subscription will be produced in a limited edition of 150 prints for each artist; subscribers will receive a print, a copy of the original article, and a return postcard once a month for six months, for a total of six installments of Mail Art.

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The Avant/Garde Diaries

The Avant/Garde Diaries is a digital portrait magazine that invites leading creatives to talk about the cutting edge of art, design, fashion, music and film.

In each digital portrait, featured diarists are asked to introduce someone or something they consider to be ahead of their time. The result is a collection of very personal snapshots that celebrate new ways of thinking and spread inspiration.

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[Sponsor] School of Visual Arts Art Practice: A Low-Res, Interdisciplinary Approach to an MFA

The MFA Art Practice program is a low-residency, cross-disciplinary graduate program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The immersive program is composed of three intensive summer sessions, with rich-media online coursework in the intervening semesters. Students have access to the state of the art facilities on SVA’s campus, including new digital sculpture facilites, a fibers lab, and a nature and technology lab.

We encourage artists to pursue their practice by engaging an idea first, and then developing a plan that may involve a combination of media, technologies and techniques.

The MFA Art Practice Program is now accepting applications for Summer 2012 admission. Applicants should apply online though the SVA website. Applications will continue to be accepted from qualified applicants as space remains in the program.  Detailed instructions about the application process can be found in the apply section of the Art Practice website.