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Oklahoma Art Is OK!

Ever since I moved to New York, I’ve been telling people that great contemporary art is coming out of my homestate of Oklahoma. Benrimon Contemporary in Chelsea is finally bringing some evidence to New York in the group show Red Country Pictures. The exhibit focuses on one particularly influential little college on the plains, East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.

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Required Reading

Jeff Koons’s art collection, thoughts on LA MOCA’s questionable art history, Invader in Paris, a tour of the Calatrava building in Milwaukee, something fishy about Warhol, iPhone photography and corporate culture and the US government … all on this week’s Required Reading.

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Indie Art Publishers Take Root in North Brooklyn

If you don’t know the names of Pen15 Press, Wild Isle, For the Birds collective, Birdsong Collective, Burn Books and Brooklyn Arts Press yet, you probably should. These groups are producing indie art books worth a look, and form the center of Brooklyn DIY arts publishing. Yet even given the ready scene of indie publishing and willing artists and writers, creating and selling good work remains a day-to-day battle in the cacophony of Brooklyn creative production.

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Port Authority’s Human Side in a 24 Hour Performance

When I caught performance artist Man Bartlett around 4:30 pm EST yesterday, he had been in New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal for 23 and a half hours straight. Beginning on Wednesday, May 25 at 5 pm and continuing through 5 pm on May 26, the “#24hPort” performance saw the artist occupy both virtual and physical space, wandering through Port Authority and asking visitors where they were going, at the same time tweeting about the experience and asking Twitter participants about their memories of where they had been.

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Mail Art Bulletin: Information Distortion Field

Artist Brian Dupont has been a longtime Hyperallergic pal. He describes is art as “a study of how the visual aspects of information can be conveyed — or distorted — within the framework of abstract painting.” That visually abstract lexicon is often layered with words and letters to convey an added sense of familiarity but not necessarily direct meaning.