The Phantoms of Liberty

Now showing at Pavel Zoubok Gallery in Chelsea, Mark Wagner uses collaged United States dollar bills as his signature medium. He meticulously dissects and reconstitutes the ubiquitous note into highly detailed sketch-like drawings. Full of filigree and ornamentation, his images tinker with the inner workings of American mythology.

Seeking Truth Through Karaoke In Chinese Communist Art

There’s Communism in the air here in Beijing! With the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party having just passed (per official accounts, the Party was founded July 1, 1921), China is in the midst of a country-wide celebration—and one that presents the perfect opportunity to take a look at some examples of crowd-sourced and “official” Party-related art.

Art From The Developing World: A Bargain Basement?

Artists who live and make work in regions that have little to no art infrastructure often have the freedom to be creative, experimental and reactive without the boundaries that accompany exhibiting work in formal spaces. But there’s also a significant divide between achieving a sustainable art career at home and reaching the point of exhibiting and selling one’s work in the global art market.