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Introducing #OccupyWallStreet’s Arts and Culture Committee

On the 14th day of Occupy Wall Street, the movement has seen its biggest turn out yet. in the midst of protesters conversing, eating, sleeping and going about their daily business, art and creativity was also thriving in the park. Young kids joined in making cardboard posters to add to the street collage, while an older set of protesters folded paper cranes as a gesture of peace. I briefly caught up with Alexandre Carvalho, one of the main organizers of the Arts and Culture Committee at Occupy Wall Street to find out more about how the protesters are utilizing artistic practices to express their political and personal viewpoints.

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DIY Art Giant Bob Cassilly Died This Week

We received this note yesterday from a Hyperallergic reader: “Bob Cassilly died … His bulldozer tumbled down a rocky hill, flipping over a bunch of times while he was in it. He was a pretty tough guy. He turned a giant shoe factory in St. Louis into The City Museum. A wonderland of potential lawsuits and junk. Made, entirely out of trash. 80,000 square feet. Packed. Impossible to explain. A treasure. Today is a sad day for DIY art.”

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The Top 6 Trends at ArtPrize

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN — As an artist participating in ArtPrize myself, I had the amazing experience of not only visiting Grand Rapids for the first time, but also experiencing this mega-event for the first time. While walking around the city snapping pics, I was instantly reminded about my solo trip to the Venice Biennale in 2003 when I was just a college kid: feeling like an outsider to the local people, crossing bridge after bridge and trying to consume the overwhelming amount of artwork around me. As a cultural producer, I can’t help but analyze and tally the formal and conceptual trends that are present in such a saturated art environment.

So from the perspective of a dude like me, here are the Top 6 things I saw at ArtPrize 2011 …

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Midtown Games Blasts Thru Times Square

I ran to Times Square this morning to catch a glimpse of artist Zefrey Throwell’s latest incarnation of his performance series, Midtown Games, but a missed subway connection which delayed my arrival a few minutes making me late to witness the artistic/athletic spectacle. Luckily, I tracked down Throwell afterwards who spoke to me about what the hell the Midtown Games are all about? And provided me with images of yesterday’s thrilling good time.

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Discovering a Photographer Worth a Look

Washington, DC — (E)merge Art fair opened September 22- 25 with 80 international and local galleries spread over two floors of the Capitol Skyline hotel in Washington, DC. I was curious if anything would “stand out” among the many of exhibitors. I then came across a curious series of six standard size loose photographic prints simply pinned to the wall, by Edinburgh-born, London-based photojournalist Muir Vidler.