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Required Reading

This week, Knoedler scandal update, pleasure of art, how Cecil Beaton saved the Queen, Philippe Starck talks creativity/$/sex, rare African art, ringtone drama, Montreal artists remember slain homeless man, Rupert Murdoch’s art tweets, NY streets and the capital of Stolen Islamic art.

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Unassimilated and Inadmissible

When Katherine Kuh asked Edwin Dickinson about his painting, “Self-Portrait in Uniform” (1942), where the artist depicts himself in a mirror dressed as a Union soldier, he answered, “I’ve had a number of hobbies; one was the Civil War. For about nine years I was particularly interested in that subject and the portrait comes from that time.”

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As Chinese Artist Unseats Picasso, New Collectors Rise in China

Proof of the Chinese art market blowing up can no longer be denied. On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that two Chinese artists Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) and Qi Baishi (1864-1957) reign supreme in the art market, replacing Picasso as the top earner for 2011. Artprice has ranked Picasso as the highest grossing artist for the past 13 years, but with overall sales of $506.7 million this year, Daqian easily unseated the Cubism master. Meanwhile, Picasso tumbled down to fourth place, one below Andy Warhol, with total sales of only $311.6 million.

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Art and Social Impact in Manila: 3 Shows Worth a Look

MANILA, Philippines — Shortly before I left Manila, I saw three shows that I wanted to take time to review briefly. My own biases as an artist and arts writer lean toward art that engages in some sense with social issues and society, and I found that so much Philippine art really tackled social issues in an interesting and refreshing way. These shows are definitely worth a visit.

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Louis Vuitton Spots New Japanese Artist, Same Old Accessories Expected

I find it exciting when fine art fuses with fashion, and Louis Vuitton’s recently announced collaboration with Yayoi Kusama may produce some spectacularly spotted goods. Interestingly, this pairing coincided with former LV collaborator Takashi Murakami’s newly unveiled installation at Qatar Museums Authority, which witnessed a departure from the Japanese artist’s signature Superflat subject matter.