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Eating White Fungus

For the past week, White Fungus, a Taiwanese art magazine, was tucked under my arm as I frolicked and gallivanted through New York. I realize that some people love to sit at home, drink peppermint tea and read in bed. But I go out.

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Smashing the 80s Away

LOS ANGELES — We all want to be rid of certain things. Prized possessions that have fallen out favor. Mementos of love lost and embarrassing youths. But it’s hard to part with what we own. D3: Object Divestment Services aims to assuage this need to leave the past behind us

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The LowLine Brings a Park Underground

LOS ANGELES — A good portion of New Yorkers’ lives are lived underground. Whether riding the train or waiting for the train, the subterranean world of Gotham is famous the world over for its grungy, dirty character. Few people, however, actually want to hang out underground. The Delancey Underground project, nicknamed “The LowLine,” aims to change this.

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Sotheby’s Art Handlers & OWS Protest Whitney Biennial VIP Party

Tonight’s Whitney Biennial VIP Party brought together two sectors of the art world that continue to butt heads in this post-Occupy Wall Street world. Chic art world partygoers were lined up on Madison Avenue waiting to drink champagne at the Sotheby’s-sponsored Biennial, while a few dozen protesters and an inflatable cat were bringing attention to the museum’s association with the auction house that has locked out union art handlers since early August.

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Being Cindy

Cindy Sherman’s one-woman retrospective is profound, provocative and sadly incomplete, most noticeably in relation to her earliest works despite the inclusion of the entire black and white “Untitled Film Stills” (1977-1980), the “encyclopedic roster of stereotypical female roles” that skewered the post modern discourse on photography right through its kabobs.

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Monster In My Head

Ever wondered what your childhood nightmares would look like if they met your adult nightmares? Well, take a peek at Monster, the latest installation of Providence, Rhode Island’s giant, horror-themed comic book.

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School of Visual Arts MPS Graduate Fashion Photography program is now accepting applications for Fall 2012

The MPS Graduate Fashion Photography department is an intensive one-year degree program offering practicing photographers the opportunity to advance their bodies of work under the guidance of photographers, editors, creative directors and digital retouchers working at the forefront of fashion today, and in partnership with the CFDA ‘Incubators’ program.

Bridging the gap between “high” and “low” culture, commercial and fine art photography, still and moving images, the program is dedicated to exploiting the full potential of fashion photography as a platform for invention, creativity and subversion.

SVA MPS Graduate Fashion Photography is now accepting applications for the fall 2012 term. To download an application, visit: Deadline: April 16, 2012

For more information about the program visit

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Where Psychogeography Meets Mobile Phones

LOS ANGELES — We use our phones increasingly for getting around, taking pictures and finding the next place to eat. It’s not quite accurate to call them phones anymore — they’re really mini computers and GPS tracking devices, with all your friends tagging along. LA Re.Play, an exhibition of “mobile media art,” aimed to look at the growing intersection between mobile phones and our offline lives.