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Posted inArt

Photographs from the South of Italy

CHICAGO — In his latest series of photographs, recently published by the Center for American Places, Wolke turned his lens on the landscape of southern Italy. Entitled Architecture of Resignation: Photographs from the Mezzogiorno, the series consists of large-format images of places filled with the architectural detritus of millennia — marble columns that are the lone survivors of an ancient city, an abandoned World War II military base, the interior of a Roman grave littered with modern garbage, the remnant of a quarried hill, sculpted by industry until all that’s left is an unearthly, oddly beautiful lump rearing up from a flat landscape.

Posted inArt

Artists and Their Ephemera

Have you ever wondered why it’s so intriguing to explore an artist’s studio? Aside from their work, we get a glimpse into not only their artistic process but their valued possessions, inspirations and snippets of their lives. Input/Output pairs artists’ work with their personal collections. Exhibited at Booklyn, a small one-room gallery space in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood, Input/Output feels intimate — actually less like a studio visit and more like a peek into the artists’ bedrooms.