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The Dry Seduction of “Made in LA”

LOS ANGELES — High above Los Angeles on a hill near Silverlake and Los Feliz, Barnsdall Art Park has played an important role for many emerging artists in the city as a site for both education and exhibition. Its Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery is a fitting locale for Made in LA, the Hammer Museum–led biennial of contemporary Los Angeles artists that’s following close on the heels of the multi-venue Pacific Standard Time, which celebrated postwar art in the area from 1945 to 1980.

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Product Alert: Warhol Soup Cans (Real Ones) and Makeup Coming Soon

It only took 50 years, but Campbell’s is finally paying tribute to pop artist Andy Warhol and his game-changing paintings of their soup cans. Starting this weekend, the company will release 1.2 million special-edition cans with Warhol-inspired labels, although in this case that mostly just means brightly colored, with a picture of the artist on the back. The promotion marks the 50th anniversary of the exhibition where Warhol first showed this soup-can paintings, at LA’s Ferus Gallery in 1962.

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A Performance Art Bike Ride to Save a Friend’s Life

LOS ANGELES — A couple of years ago, new-media performance artist Marc Horowitz submitted his life to the audience. Dubbed “The Advice of Strangers,” his Creative Time–commissioned performance was determined entirely by opinion polls and votes from the audience. Horowitz is at it again, as he turns to strangers for advice. But this time, he wants to save a friend’s life.

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Obama Team Name-Drops Salvador Dalí

As we detailed two weeks ago, Mitt Romney made it clear in a recent interview with Fortune magazine that funding the arts is not his priority. Obama and his team haven’t exactly responded with a resounding defense or promotion of the arts (Will Brand speculates on why over at the L Magazine), but last night the Obama camp did at least show that it’s got a little bit of art history under its belt.

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Finding Beauty and Art in Iceland’s Summer Wonderland

LAUGARVATN, Iceland — I came to Iceland at the beginning of August for a month long stay at Gullkistan, a residency for creative people in Laugarvatn (pronounced something like Lurrahgahvaht-n) in southern Iceland. The residency fell into my lap and was perfect for what I wanted. As much as I love New York, I wanted to spend a month in a setting that couldn’t be more different — I wanted sublime natural beauty, peace and quiet, relaxation and simplicity — a reset button for myself. Gullkistan was an ideal answer.

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Art Makes You Nicer

CHICAGO — If you are involved in the arts, either as a practitioner or a consumer, or both, you know that there are two competing images of yourself: the vicious backstabber, hungry for success at any cost (see Gallery Girls) and the basically nice person who believes in that old-fashioned idea that art makes you a better person.

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Deep Inside a Billionaire’s Limo

Hyperallergic writers and siblings Brendan and Marisa Carroll recently attended a screening of David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis at Walter Reade Theater in New York, which was followed by a Q-and-A session with the director. Here they review the film and tease out the artistic influences that inform Cronenberg’s sinister urban dreamscape.

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Art Rx

This week, before the upcoming marathon of fall openings, it’s your last chance to visit a few shows about to close — plus the Governors Island Art Fair, a new artist discussion series in Brooklyn and more. Who needs vacation when you’ve got art?

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Unearthing a 1970s Magritte Documentary

Our profound thanks go out to Boing Boing today for unearthing Adrian Maben’s Monsieur René Magritte, an amazing short documentary about René Magritte from 1978. For those not familiar with the artist (although you’ve probably seen reproductions of some of his most famous images), allow our narrator to introduce you: “He was Belgian and a Surrealist: René Magritte.”