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Why Irony is Healthy

Are you or have you ever considered becoming a hipster? You better become acquainted with the already-outdated moniker’s attendant signifier first: Irony. You have to eat it. You have to breathe it. You have to put a kitschy magnet of it on your fridge and iron it on to a jacket.

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Israeli Museum Moves to Protect Art from Escalating Violence

Safeguarding from damage against possible explosions from the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art has removed all of the 100-some works in its exhibition All His Sons: The Brueghel Dynasty and put them in a fortified vault, reports the AP. Jewish News One adds that this is the first time the museum has moved pieces since the Gulf War. Other Israeli art museum are following suit.

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An Eco-Friendly Villa in Costa Rica Encourages Sustainable Art Practice

SOUTHERN ZONE, Costa Rica — I’m staying in the blue room. It is my honeymoon and we have travelled four hours from the San José airport to a magnificent rainforest hideaway. Monte Azul dubs itself as an eco-lodge that combines culture and conservation. This ecolodge — which comprises four “casitas” for a total of eight guests, a restaurant, an art gallery, an artist studio, and miles of endless river and forest that is its preserve — was built with art as its primary driving force. But what do art and sustainability have in common?

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The Return of Occupy

On November 9, the New York Times published an article titled “Occupy Sandy: A Movement Moves to Relief.” The URL for the story, which presumably reflects either an alternate or an original headline for the story, offers a slightly more pointed take: “Where FEMA Fell Short, Occupy Sandy Was There.” And that sums up, I think, what many New Yorkers have found in the last three weeks of Hurricane Sandy relief: that the big, bureaucratic organizations and government agencies traditionally associated with emergency relief have been maddeningly limited, while Occupy Sandy, the latest arm of Occupy Wall Street that sprung up right after the storm, seems to be unendingly effective.

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Hurricane Sandy Highlights the Problems of Digital Archives

The damage from Sandy’s flooding took Chelsea galleries by surprise. The swelling water knocked artworks from walls and poured into basement storage areas, where art spaces and artists alike often store the work that’s not on display. Zach Feuer Gallery’s sloped space meant that water washed directly toward fragile work. Printed Matter encountered a similar issue, with soaked stock going to waste on the sidewalk. But it wasn’t only physical property that was damaged in the hurricane.