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Open Artist Studios Take Over an Industrial Corner of Hong Kong

HONG KONG — The Fotanian Open Studios has its roots in 2001, when eight artists from the Chinese University — Lam Tung Pang, Tozer Pak, Tony Ma, Sam Tang, and Gordon Lo — relocated to the industrial neighborhood of Fo Tan after their studio burned down. The group took up residence in the Wah Luen Industrial Building, which now hosts 47 art-related units ranging from shared artist spaces to galleries and design offices, not to mention the studio of ex–Chinese University professor Lui Chun-Kwong.

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Locating Tweets IRL

Even though, like most people, I use Twitter publicly, I still often get the feeling that my tweets exist in a kind of social media bubble — that they’re shielded from the rest of the world, read only by the people whose feeds they might happen to pop up in. That is, of course, just the imaginary feeling of comfort that social media inspires, and the reason it works so well. In truth, everything I tweet is a public statement.

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Following Up on Open Arts Journalism

LOS ANGELES — A few weeks ago, I wrote a bit about the potential for open arts journalism, asking if it’s a trend to watch. Journalists and those interested in the field have been discussing openness for a while now, but I’ve not seen as much discussion in terms of the arts. What could an open journalistic process look like in the arts?