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Mana Fest at Mana Contemporary, Saturday May 4th, 1-7PM

Mana Contemporary is new to the NYC contemporary art scene. A 1.8 million square foot former tobacco warehouse transformed into one of the largest artist-designed and run facilities in the nation, Mana currently houses more than 70 contemporary artist studios, four galleries, a dance studio, a beer garden, several photography studios, workshops, a café and more.

Doors are open to the public on weekdays, and quarterly, on weekends for major events. One of these quarterly openings is this Saturday May 4, from 1 – 7 p.m.

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Walking into the Light at London’s Hayward Gallery

LONDON — When God said “let there be light,” he probably didn’t anticipate how much that statement would cost in the 21st century. Regarding the Hayward Gallery’s current exhibition, Light Show, security on hand are quick to note that this is one of the most expensive exhibitions the institution has ever staged, with staff receiving strict instructions to keep viewers’ hands off the artwork, especially Leo Villareal’s “Cylinder II” (2012), an ethereal column of LEDs that reach up into the first gallery’s cavernous space.

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Two Beings Collaborate on Art, One a Human, Another a Slime Mold

Slime mold has one of the worst public images of any single-celled organism. For one thing, the Physarum polycephalum, as it’s scientifically called, has a gross nickname evoking a drippy texture and oozing shape, and its highest-profile appearance could arguably be as inspiration for the roving, destructive “The Blob” of B-movie fame. But really, the slime mold is a quite intelligent, fascinating being, and even an able collaborator in art.

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Getting an International Glimpse at Open Studios

Upstairs at the International Studio & Curatorial Program, on the third floor, there’s a map tacked to a wall with a series of flags planted in it. The flags document the different countries from which the ISCP has drawn its artist and curator residents, and while it’s easy to notice gaps — large swaths of Africa and South America, for instance — it’s also refreshing to note how many flags there are, and how widespread. With 58 countries and counting, it’s clear that the ISCP is committed to finding art in the far-flung corners of the world; the process just takes time.

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Urs Fischer: The Raw and the (Over)Cooked

LOS ANGELES — What do you get when you invite 1,500 people to make clay sculptures of whatever they want? An incredibly weird, crumbling, monotone wonderland. As part of his current retrospective, New York-based artist Urs Fischer organized this freewheeling project at the Geffen Contemporary MoCA in downtown Los Angeles, and titled, appropriately, “YES” (2013).

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From Colorado to Brooklyn to a Place Beyond the Pines

They come in waves — family from Colorado, friends from Brooklyn, loyal producers, all passing through the door of a Toronto hotel room to share congratulations with filmmaker Derek Cianfrance on the debut of his third feature film, the highly-anticipated and acclaimed working-class drama The Place Beyond the Pines. The film stars Ryan Gosling as a circus stunt motorcycle rider who takes to bank robberies in order to provide for his infant son and Bradley Cooper as the Schenectady, NY, cop who aims to stop his string of robberies.

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Art Is the New Gold

Channeling the conspiratorially unhinged salesmanship of a Cash 4 Gold pitchman, the New York Times ran a hilariously bad art market trend piece today — a story titled “As Money Props Up Art World, Prospects Are Mixed,” which portends to link macroeconomic trends with demand for art market investment vehicles. In its own imbecility it reveals a different sort of trend: the perpetual shortcomings in art market coverage, an area that often sees a minimum of rigor and a maximum of price-tag sensationalism at major newspapers.

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SVA’s Contemporary One-Year Master’s Degree Program in Digital Photography

Pursuing a master’s degree requires the right school with the best program at the appropriate time in your life. The SVA Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Digital Photography is an intensive one-year master’s degree program that is offered as an on-campus/summer residency or an online/summer residency that seamlessly blends the most current technical and aesthetic aspects of contemporary photographic image making.