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Turn Google Street View into Google Road Trip

Traversing the virtual mirror of the real world created by Google Earth and Google Street View has become something of a global pastime, putting everywhere (as long as there’s a road, at least) within the reach of armchair explorers. Yet walking through the landscape step by step and mouse click by mouse click is a chore. Good thing creative agency Teehan+Lax has created a way to turn Street View into a road trip.

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Whither Dumbo Arts Center?

Since the Dumbo Arts Center was founded in 1997 as the neighborhood’s first nonprofit arts organization, the once overlooked industrial segment of Brooklyn in the shadow of the monolithic Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges has seen rising real estate prices and shifting demographics, so that while some arts organizations remain, many of the artists do not. For these reasons, the Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) is now in a state of flux, without a staff and its gallery exhibitions on hiatus while it reevaluates its future.

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An Imperfect Exhibition of a Near-Perfect Director, Stanley Kubrick

LOS ANGELES — Often, I find museum exhibitions that have to do with celebrity or Hollywood culture to be a shameless attempt to generate a blockbuster-sized crowd who, flocking to the museum in droves, boost attendance numbers for the year. That being said, the massive installation Stanley Kubrick at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art transcends the sticky landscape of vapid popular culture and embraces a filmmaker that many would term artist. The exhibition, which was originally curated by the Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt was brought to LACMA in collaboration with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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Hinting at Indescribable Desire through Lush Paint

Do you know Adonis? He’s not like those other male nudes that only exist to flaunt their bodies. Adonis has a touch of the ethereal. Delicate, almost elvish, features lend a gentleness to his face. He’s taut but not Herculean. He is mature but retains the slim, willowy frame of youth. This special kind of male nude, named after the one and only boy that enticed Aphrodite, who could have had any man she wanted, takes center stage in Chilean artist José Pedro Godoy’s show of recent paintings.

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Will the UK’s New Design Copyright Law Kill Innovation?

Patrick Cariou’s lawsuit against artist Richard Prince for wrongfully appropriating his photographs of Rastafarians into new artworks provided a benchmark for the role of copyright in contemporary art, though the case is still being debated in appeals. But how do those same issues impact the world of design, where knockoffs of iconic designs are omnipresent and it’s even more difficult to tell when inspiration becomes appropriation, and appropriation becomes infringement? Later this year, the British government plans on extending the copyright term for design, stretching the protected period from 25 years from when the creation was first marketed to 70 years after the death of the object’s creator. Could that policy impact the creative dynamism of design in the U.K.?