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Free Cooper Union Mounts Renegade Art Show

New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz preceded me in Jamshed Bharucha’s office by only a few minutes. He was there, as I was, for tonight’s opening of Step Down, the Free Cooper Union-organized companion to the school’s official year-end Show Up exhibition. Saltz’s appearance at the year-end show of one of Manhattan’s leading art schools is not a surprise, but his signing of Free Cooper Union’s statement of no confidence (as well as their guestbook) was just another blow to what by now can only be characterized as the Cooper Union PR piñata.

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Henry James on Film: A Narrative Execution

CINCINNATI — In the narrow hallway outside the Park City Library Center, a school auditorium–turned–Sundance Film Festival screening venue, self-taught filmmaker duo David Siegel and Scott McGehee pace the floor while an audience watches an early screening of their sophomore movie The Deep End, a mother-son thriller starring Tilda Swinton. It’s nearly impossible to walk through the crowd, but Siegel and McGehee manage to do so while straining to hear noises from inside the auditorium. I head in after a quick break, glancing back at Siegel and McGehee in the process. They remain too nervous to sit.

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The Sensual Symbolism of Imogen Cunningham

For a young woman in the early 20th century, photographer Imogen Cunningham had a bold eye for the touch and movement of the nude human body. With a close eye for detail and an unwavering gaze, she also created striking images of flowers and straight-forward portraiture. A trilogy of artist books are currently exploring her eye for the quiet and haunting.

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Archeologists Discover Nearly 5,000 Ancient Cave Paintings in Mexico

Archeologists have discovered nearly 5,000 ancient paintings that depict humans, animals, astronomical imagery, and abstract designs in a series of caves in Mexico. Located near the Sierra de San Carlos mountain range, in the Burgos region of northeastern Mexico, the paintings are the work of three different hunter-gatherer groups that lived in the area before the early 16th-century Spanish conquest, the BBC reported.

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Modernism’s Beginning and Its End

LOS ANGELES — Modernism may be dead, yet we spend an awful lot of time in its clutches: talking about it, building it, watching it, exhibiting it, and acquiring its graceful artifacts for our homes. Our culture is in such a thrall to some of the movement’s architectural and artistic manifestations — Barcelona chairs! Case Study houses! paintings by Piet Mondrian! — that it can be hard to imagine a time when the very idea of its stripped-down forms inspired either passionate shock or jaded exhaustion.

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Art Rx: Bushwick Open Studios Edition

The 7th Annual Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) will be the focus of this week’s Art Rx. Stretching out across Bushwick, most of Williamsburg, and neighboring Ridgewood, but strangely still not Bedford Stuyvesant, BOS 2013 will include 604 shows that are impossible to navigate without some help … so that’s where we come in.