Gleaning the Fields of Memory to Create Form

Upon entering 287 Spring to see Not Past: Old Toys and Lost Friends, a solo exhibition by artist Brian Fernandes-Halloran. one is confronted with two sculptural re-creations of toys the artist remembers playing with when he was growing up, a truck and a red hammer. Fernandes-Halloran’s work is composed of an array of found discarded objects and wax, and based on his memories as well as the broader concept of recalling and formulating memories.

Vice and Virtue: Helmut Newton’s World Without Men

BERLIN — A week ago, Vice magazine gambled on a potentially-sexist-but-potentially-thought-provoking fashion spread — and lost. “Last Words” featured fictionalized portraits of female authors looking unaccountably sexy moments before or after their suicides: a slender Sylvia Plath poised before an open oven, an immaculately made-up Virginia Wolf wading in a picturesque river. Predictably enough, the spread provoked vitriolic backlash in the world of feminist journalism.