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The Camaraderie of Living in the Skies

The smell of recycled air, thin blankets, and fantastic uniforms are all signs to me that I am going “home.” Though “home” is not necessarily where I was born. At 19 years old, I have created a fluctuating notion of home for myself, with each place representing and holding another part of myself, of my experience. I moved to Lugano, Switzerland, last year for college. I completed my first trip to Europe when I was 18 months old. By age six, I had done the 24-hour voyage from the US to Australia.

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How We Picture Civil Rights

Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement shoulder an unreasonable burden: we look to them as moral beacons. Bruce Davidson: Time of Change at Howard Greenberg Gallery displays several dozen rich images by Bruce Davidson, who sat with the freedom riders and joined Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march from Selma to Montgomery. It is a timely exhibition, as Trayvon Martin’s murder raises the shadow of Emmett Till, and America looks inward to find our racial hierarchy has been reformed but not dismantled.

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Is High-End Art as Social Practice a Form of Commodity Activism?

CHICAGO — At its most rarefied levels, art as social practice seems oxymoronic. Is it possible to produce work that jars the elitist art world out of its aesthetic bliss while appearing on its sanctified white walls? Probably not. Cheryl Pope’s solo exhibition Just Yell at Monique Meloche Gallery irked me for this very reason — it is deeply entrenched in the agenda of art as social practice.