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Posted inArt

An Interview with the First Poet Laureate of MoMA

Kenneth Goldsmith and I sat down at our computers in constantly changing parts of the world, and we talked about his recent poet laureateship at the Museum of Modern Art. For the position, he delivered a special lecture and organized a series that invited contemporary poets to read in galleries to museum visitors. The events ranged from one person reading intimately in a gallery to the entire fourth floor being taken over by writers.

Posted inArt

The Beauty of a Sculpted Experience at Storm King

The Hudson Valley has a special kind of light and soaring nature, with its elevations and valleys illuminated with sun, starlight, and storm. At the Storm King Art Center with its installations of giant metal sculptures that seem alien on the meadows, or land art that warps the earth, the most interesting aspect is perhaps how this nature is made unnatural while still celebrating the beauty of the terrain.