When Art Spaces Go Extinct

The Chicago-based project Extinct Entities engages with art spaces and collectives that no longer exist. Collaboratively run by Anthony Stepter, Erin Nixon, and Anthony Romero, this project brings together artists and individuals who were once very invested in now-extinct Chicago-based spaces, and artists and cultural workers who spend their waking hours making sure spaces are alive and thrive.

Biennial Fail: Making It Make Sense

MINNEAPOLIS — Unlike similarly named convocations in Venice or New York or Sao Paulo, Minnesota’s biennial art exhibitions have little to do with market vogue or value. These shows take stock of trends, maybe, but amount to little more than a (usually) thoughtful regional survey — an occasion for self-congratulation and a bit of harmless curatorial grandstanding.

For One Night, a City Lights Up with Art

DALLAS — Aurora illuminated the Dallas Arts District last Friday, featuring 90 site-specific light and sound installations covering 19 blocks of downtown from 7 pm until midnight. An estimated 30,000 people gathered and wandered through the city, taking in the transformation that molded buildings, illuminated cathedrals, lit hidden spaces, and made concrete, glass, and steel pulse.

The Challenges of Preserving Modernist Landscapes

Portland Open Space Sequence (photograph by Radcliffe Dacanay/Flickr user) While even the most coldly Brutalist buildings have found their proponents, the modernist landscapes that were built in plazas and public space in the mid-century have been slower to be embraced for preservation. Yet there’s an increasing dialogue of how, and why, modernist landscape architecture should […]