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Posted inOpinion

Kanye Compares Himself to Michelangelo, Marina, Thinks He’s More Relevant than Obama

Kanye West has given a doozy of an interview on NYC’s Power 105 radio station that really makes you wonder how much bigger his ego could possibly be and if he believes his pseudo-revolutionary babble about corporations and creativity. When someone talks about being marginalized for only designing two shoes at a major corporation (08:42) […]

Posted inArt

Peter Doig’s Restless City

I have always thought it unfair that Peter Doig is chiefly known for the headlines associated with the sale of his “White Canoe” painting by Charles Saatchi at auction in 2007 for £5.7 million ($9.31M). This made him Europe’s most expensive living painter and the acknowledgement was accompanied by all the market-related press and interest that such titles generate.