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Posted inPerformance

Miguel Gutierrez’s “myendlesslove” at Abrons Arts Center

Miguel Gutierrez’s “myendlesslove” is, as its title suggests, about love — but not just love in a classic, romantic sense. That is there, but in 50 minutes, Gutierrez also touches on love making (aka sex), love of self, and love of youth. He pulls all these themes out of a multi-faceted, if somewhat disjointed, piece whose variations of medium and tone are refreshing.

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Detroit Emergency Manager Continues Detroit Institute of Arts Shakedown

In a process that at this point is approaching farce, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that City of Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr demanded yesterday that the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) contribute to a city bankruptcy fund, despite the recent $680 million intervention on the DIA’s behalf by Michigan governor Rick Snyder and a consortium of nonprofit foundations.

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Waiting for Faith Wilding on the Internet

CHICAGO — It was the second wave of feminism. I wasn’t alive yet, but I like to daydream about what it would have been like to attend those women’s consciousness-raising meetings, female-centric spiritual get-togethers, heated strategic battles over how to win reproductive rights, and the space to explore one’s own sexuality without attaching labels.