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Posted inBooks

Duh, It’s Postmodern Poetry

Jon Rutzmoser’s thin book of poetry packed with thick descriptions of dicks, dire and dramatic Oedipal complexes, heavy-petting psychoanalytic theory references, and Disneyland descriptors made me laugh, pissed me off, had me rolling my eyes, and had me wondering what it means to write poetry today.

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For “Craftivists,” Hoops Spring Eternal

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is slowly winding down. On another front, the New Craft Artists in Action (NCAA) are basketball fanatics of a different sort. The collective, based in Boston but with tentacles stretching out across the world, is crafting exuberant variants of hand-stitched basketball nets and hanging them on hoops everywhere.

Posted inArt

Selfie Illusions

LOS ANGELES — How do we talk about real shit online? In the selfie world, where we become two-dimensional representations of ourselves as we would like to be seen, it’s sometimes not possible to do more than just like, reblog, retweet, ignore, or simply comment.

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Weekend Words: Nose

As Jillian Steinhauer reported in Hyperallergic on Monday, “The fight to obtain resale royalties for visual artists may be gaining momentum thanks to the newly introduced American Royalties, Too (ART) Act of 2014, but the major auction houses are determined to stop it.”