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Posted inArt

How One Regional Craft Museum Is Expanding Its Horizons

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville has spent the last couple of years staking out a place in discussions occurring in contemporary art circles about the line dividing art and craft. The recent exhibition PRESS: Artist and Machine was a romantic show focused on illuminating the relationship between 19th-century printing-press technology and 20th- and 21st-century art production.

Posted inArt

The Complications of Color, as Explained to an 11-Year-Old

There’s a reason Matisse left white borders of blank canvas in his paintings, and why your dogs don’t appreciate a Mark Rothko color field the way you do (aside from dogs’ general disregard for art). Our perception of color is linked to the brain, and highly subjective. While on the surface this seems like a fairly straightforward concept, the science behind color is complex.